Treatment #12 -Land of Doom

Treatment 12 -Land of Doom

Click here for a hilarious clip!!

Har-mo-ny… The raiders want to get her.

Har-mo-ny… Can anyone protect her?!?!?


So goes the refrain of perhaps the most wonderfully cheesy end-title theme of any movie. That movie being the delightfully horrible Land of Doom. (Click the poster at left for a great clip on YouTube.)

This week’s treatment stars….no one! There isn’t a single person worth mentioning in this film. That’s probably why Marc, Doug, and Kirk spend almost half of this episode playing a very earnest game of Re-Cast It! You can’t watch this movie without longing for some more interesting actors to fill the roles! So, prep yourself for some serious name-dropping, as the guys basically recast the film with 70s TV stars, professional wrestlers, and finally with a bunch of comedians.

YAWN… with Kirk as he picks up his cup of ambition to start the podcast!!!

CACKLE… with delight as Doug does his Cheech Marin impression!!!

SHRIEK… with horror as Marc sings the end theme from the movie!!!

Yes, we at Schlock Treatment have truly brought the goods with this one. Yet again, we show you that the world is filled with people more incompetent than yourself! All this (and so much more) awaits you upon listening to this week’s…..LAAAAAAND of Doom! (Lan-o-doom)

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