Treatment 11 -Cherry 2000

Okay, everyone it’s finally here. After a brief hiatus, we’re back with a treatment for all you sexual deviants out there. [amazon_link id=”B003U6KUTW” target=”_blank” ]Cherry 2000[/amazon_link], brings it’s strange, kinky vision of a future where lawyers and robots are at the core of human sexuality, and donuts are served in bars. But never fear, star Melanie Griffith represents the human side of female sexuality with aplomb…though perhaps not speaking so well for rough and tumble bounty hunters.

Also appearing in this one are a host of “that guy” actors, and one “before they were famous” Lawrence “Larry” Fishburn. Naturally, being fans of schlock, we focus mostly on the appearance of Robert Z’Dar because he’s…well…he’s Robert Z’Dar!!

GET DISCOVERED…as Kirk and Marc test out their announcer-guy voices!!!

GET TURNED ON…as the guys discuss the ins and outs of sex robots!! (pun intended)

GET TURNED OFF…as Ahnold “terminates” the sex robot discussion!!

All this, plus a little listener feedback on this episode of Schlock Treatment!

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