In case you didn’t notice…STUFF!

Just a quick note that we’ve put together a little shop, care of Amazon, for our listeners/readers. Amazon’s got a lot of stuff related to what we cover in the podcast, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to provide a little “store” for our patients to find DVDs and such.

On the main page for the store, I’ve decided to list titles that we’re covering available through their Video On Demand service. It’s basically a one-time rental (usually 2.99 with 24-hours to watch) and they have a surprising number of titles we cover, considering how obscure our film choices are. I believe if you click around on the site you can also download permanent copies of the VOD stuff for a bit more cash.

I also included pages for DVD copies of the movies we’ve covered, so if you desperately want a copy of Cherry 2000, you can look there. Then I found that there are soundtrack CDs and MP3 downloads for some of the schlock we talked about, as well! So, if you are looking to stock your ironic MP3 library, have a look!

The final page is for things that we haven’t covered on the podcast, but that we all enjoy. Check those out for more schlocky (or even not-so-schlocky) goodness! We get a tiny little commission on  each sale, so rest assured that proceeds will go to improving the podcast. I have some better audio equipment (more than just the single logitech mic we have now) in my sites.

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