Treatment 10 -New Year’s Evil

Should horrible movies be forgot, and never brought to mind, then we will bring them back to your mind with another episode of Schlock Treatment!

This week, we watched New Year’s Evil, an 80s slasher that brings us death by bag of weed, and Fonzie’s girlfriend, among other things. We follow our insightful analysis of that film with our first annual SCHLOCKIES! Yes, we reveal our choices for the ‘Ultimate ERJ Award’, the ‘Best/Worst Actors in a Schlock Film’, ‘Worst Crapfest’, and ‘Best Schlock!’

THRILL…as Marc flubs the opening!!!

GASP…as Doug reinforces our hypothesis about his Dollman-crush!!!

WONDER…as Kirk reveals his secret admiration for characters who just don’t care about anything!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 10 -New Year’s Evil”

  1. Hi there. I always appreciate it when people cover little known films like myself, but one thing – you need to dramatically shorten your Podcasts down to around 15 mins. Too long. After awhile, you lose your auidence. Not trying to bast you, just trying to offer some useful advice.

    Imagine if New Year’s Evil had ran around 150 mins. instead of 90! Same kind of thing applies to running a Podcast.

    Take care and wishing you guys a Happy New Year.

    1. Hey, no worries! We can take constructive criticism! Of course, we’re a bit baffled that anyone would not want to listen to us ramble endlessly, but…to each his own! Seriously, though, we’ve discussed many formats, and since this is more of a chat show than a true “review” show, we decided to just talk until we felt done, and leave the length to fate. This was probably influenced by my own love for long, rambling, and conversational podcasts.

      Thanks for giving us a shot, though! Sorry it’s not your bag, since we are probably going to cover a lot of similar material, judging by your website.

  2. I am more of a news & interview site though there hasn’t been much news over this holiday season! lol. I run reviews of newer or film circuit films as they come out. I cover older films whenever they are timely such as New Year’s Evil cause of it being New Year’s obviously, though I do have over 900 reviews!

    I am all for conversations. Think back to Roger Ebert or Gene Siskel, who didn’t love them?!? But would I want to listen to them talk about one film for almost an hour, no. You have to approach your site as a business and find the balance between what you want to do and to keeping it in line for public consumption, because if you start a site you obviously want people to look at it or in this case, listen to it.

    As I said, you had me for a little bit, but you lost me in sheer length.

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