Treatment 5 – The Shape of Things to Come

You.....are my number one.....robot!

Treatment number five limps into your friendly neighborhood mp3 player after much tribulation. This was recorded almost two weeks ago (pre-Thanksgiving) but the editing and release was delayed thanks to Marc being a tad under the weather. If you listen closely, I think you can hear the cold slowly taking him over as this episode progresses.

At any rate, here we finally cover the Jack Palance clunker, The Shape of Things to Come. It’s a lovely little sci-fi turd in the vein of Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers. Except instead of being a cheesy sci-fi TV show with a low budget, this is a movie with a 3 million dollar budget (Canadian dollars, but still.)

THRILL…as we geek out over the history of saucer separation in film!!!

CRINGE… as we ruthlessly shred the producer’s obsession with minutia!!!

WONDER…what the hell we have been smoking for the weird opening banter!!!

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2 thoughts on “Treatment 5 – The Shape of Things to Come”

  1. I finally got caught up…on the future. I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is to see a movie that makes no sense, and then download immediate JUSTICE upon it. Though out of all the inadequate homages to Kubrick’s “Beyond Infinity” sequence (which I kinda hated EVEN WHEN KUBRICK DID IT) the most entertaining one has to be that slo-mo “reach out and try to touch each other” scene in this flick. (Or, as I’ll always remember it, 1:06.)

    1. Actually, I hadn’t thought of it, but I guess you’re right. It does seem like they were trying to do something vaguely similar to the beyond infinity sequence from 2001. Or maybe a mashup of that and some sort of interpretive dance. Thanks for the feedback!

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