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Treatment 4 – No Dead Heroes

Hot off the mic, here’s the latest episode of Schlock Treatment! We decided to dedicate this episode to veterans, since it’s Veteran’s Day, and all that. Okay, technically, we’re about an hour past midnight. We only managed to record the episode this evening, and rushed to get it posted ASAP. Anyway,  as a special tribute, we decided to choose a war movie. For this we are deeply sorry. The movie we selected for the treatment is called:

No Dead Heroes!

PUZZLE…with us about the weird implications of the title of this movie!!

CHIDE…the filmmakers with us for their inability to hire even ONE competent actor!!

CONSIDER…the limitless possibilities as we re-cast the film with b-list actors who would still improve it!

Yeah, it’s a painful one. If you checked it out on Netflix watch instantly, we’re sorry. But since you went through the pain of watching this, you could at least enjoy this latest episode. Remember: No Good Actors!

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