Treatment 1 (pt. 1) -She

Yep, it’s finally here! Despite endless audio difficulties, we finally have the first half of our Treatment for “She” available for download! If you haven’t already done it, be sure to check out She on Netflix Watch Instantly. It will help you understand as we desperately try to dissect the hopelessly convoluted plot of this film. In fact, this movie was so complicated and intricate, that we had to split this Treatment in two. Part one covers just about the first half of the film exactly.

HEAR….our discussion of the hackneyed names of the film’s characters!!

LISTEN….as we try to puzzle out the mysteries of the hot-tub cave!!

GASP IN AMAZEMENT….as Doug does his Italian Director impression!!

WONDER….if anyone is truly talking about the same person in referencing T’Pau?

You can listen by clicking the media player below.

3 thoughts on “Treatment 1 (pt. 1) -She”

  1. You peel the madness of this film like an onion. A raw onion…that you COULD cook, but won’t for some unexplained reason.

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